and pledge is expressed in our care that touches the soul...SM

is reminiscent of the warmth you would experience in the Greek Islands…. Our touch is soothing, unique and unmatched…. Our specials are of great value and just as relaxing.

of service always focuses on your individual needs…

is a subtle reminder of the blue sea, skies and golden beaches in the Aegean Islands…

Take a moment for yourself. Step out of your busy day and into a world that is dedicated to nurturing your body, mind and spirit. Here tension dissipates into a heady cloud of rosemary and citrus oils. Clients fraught with stress and fatigue leave our spa feeling refreshed and renewed. Here skin softens, wrinkles minimize, and muscles relax. A tension-filled day becomes a time of self-pampering and self-indulgence as our clients are treated to soothing massages, invigorating wraps, deep cleansing facials, private steam showers, rewarding makeup applications and the very latest in body and facial treatments.

All our lives are spent searching for moments of complete comfort and inner peace. Let us be the first to help you end that search.

Blending the best of nature with state-of-the-art technology and the gentle healing of hands-on touch, owner/aesthetician Sandy Tsangaroulis and her highly trained team pamper you with rejuvenating, anti-aging and beautifying skin care treatments in a hospitable, elegant, tranquil and relaxing and sense-pleasing environment.

We pay particular attention to training our staff in the latest developments in skin care and maintaining a proactive approach in learning and education. We believe that one important element that sets good spas above the crowd is the education of their aestheticians.

We take pride to the fact that our aestheticians are continuously trained and educated on the latest antiaging developments in the area of skin care including antioxidants fighting free radicals (for example, Coenzyme Q-10 and Alphalipoic Acid) as well as the latest anti-aging techniques (e.g. microdermabrasion and photo-pulsation treatments). Is your aesthetician knowledgeable of the latest developments in skin care and trained in the latest techniques? Are you getting the benefits of that knowledge? At The Spa at Bedminster the answer to both of these questions is “YES”.

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